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Helping You Regain Your Independence

Helping You Regain Your Independence

Our rehabilitation and physical therapy programs are designed to help you heal and get stronger, so you can return home healthy and pain-free.

The Gardens Difference: By The NumbersWesley GardensIndustry Average
Success Rate: Major Rehab (discharged to home or lower-level care)82% Discharged55% Discharged
Success Rate: Orthopedic Rehab97% Discharged93% Discharged
Avg. Length of Stay5 Weeks7 Weeks
Avg. Minutes of Therapy/Week630 Minutes420 Minutes
Depth of Staff12 Professionals7 Professionals

Committed to Exceptional Care

One-on-one Therapy

We believe in individualized care instead of group therapy which is why we provide one-on-one therapy for every session. You will progress at your pace and your therapy will be tailored to your individual needs and concerns.

High-caliber, Dedicated Therapists

All our rehabilitation therapists and assistants are committed, permanent members of the Wesley family who have proven track records. We do not hire outside contract workers is any capacity.

Maximized potential

Our therapists get to know you, your personality, interests and goals, so they’re able to create and implement an individual plan specifically designed to motivate and engage you.

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State-of-the-Art Treatment

Setting us apart from other facilities in the region, The Gardens Rehab offers therapeutic modalities that promote faster healing with less intervention.

Therapeutic modalities increase patient comfort and tolerance to treatment, thus enabling therapists to introduce earlier and more aggressive treatments and treat more complex conditions—all of which lead to improved function and faster recovery.

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Exercising on Bike

Electrical stimulation has been used safely for many decades to help manage pain, relieve muscle spasms, increase range-of-motion, prevent muscle disuse atrophy, increase circulation and re-educate muscles. Gentle electrical stimulation is transmitted through electrode pads placed at or near the affected area to stimulate nerves, which creates muscle contractions and a release of the body's own pain-relieving biochemicals.

Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy uses electromagnetic waves to create a heating effect that increases circulation in the body’s tissues. Diathermy has been used for several decades to help reduce pain and inflammation, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms, increase local blood flow, and improve symptoms of connective tissue disorders

Research shows that therapeutic exercise—specific exercises, stretches, or other activity—can speed recovery by helping help patients regain strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Therapeutic exercises may also be used to improve overall wellbeing and lower the risk accidental falls, improving patients’ independence.

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Our Therapy Programs

General physical therapy addresses walking and mobility, balance, stair training, safety awareness and lower body strengthening.

This therapy focus on improving coordination, fine motor skills, safety, upper body strengthening, and self-care tasks including bathing, dressing and home management.

This specialized form of therapy assists patients with speech, language, memory, communication skills and swallowing.

The goal of this therapy is to restore range of motion in your hip joint and build a strong support system for your new joint by strengthening your leg muscles.

After a stroke, we help patients relearn how to walk, talk, and resume the basic activities of daily living.

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Why Choose The Gardens

Streamlined Recovery

We’re not affiliated with an assisted living facility, so you can be sure we’ll make every effort to help you achieve a full recovery.

Enjoyment and Fun

Time flies in The Gardens, where therapy and hobbies are one and the same—including painting, gardening, interactive video games, and more.

Practicality and Confidence

During your stay, you’ll exercise practical skills so that, when you return home, you’ll know you’re able to cook a meal, climb stairs or keep your balance.

Home Evaluation

Our home evaluations, prior to discharge, identify potential issues and allow us to modify your therapy plan for maximum success.

Discharge Planning

We begin discharge planning the very first day of your stay, working closely with your external team to make sure all the necessary support is in place.

First-Class Amenities

Our short-term rehabilitation rooms are equipped with all the amenities you need—and want, including:

  • Private bathroom
  • Flat-screen TV with cable television
  • Wireless internet
  • Telephone and free local phone service
  • Central AC and in-room thermostat control
  • Inviting space for visitors
First Class Amenities

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Our Door is Open

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Whether you’re on the verge of a hospital discharge or your upcoming surgery is still a few months away, we’re confident that there’s a spot at The Gardens for you. We always accommodate a hospital discharge and will work closely with the hospital and your medical team for a seamless transition.

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