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Our friendly staff, spacious rooms, and onsite conveniences make Wesley Gardens a special “home away from home” for our residents.

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The WG Difference: By The NumbersWesley GardensIndustry AverageAssisted Living Avg.
Number of beds per unit334560
Percentage of private rooms7055100
Avg. minutes of therapy per week10030N/A
Levels of safeguards and resident protection31N/A

Individualized Care

Our Staff

We have registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and NYS-certified nursing assistants onsite 24/7, day in and day out. Our medical director is a physician who specializes in gerontology (caring for the elderly). He and our nurse practitioner are present every day during business hours and are on call to provide assistance around the clock.

Other staff members include a registered dietician, certified physical, occupational and speech therapists, trained social workers, a psychologist, a dentist, and clergy. We provide all direct caregivers with supplemental and continuing training such as range of motion, rehabilitation, and interpersonal communication skills.

Patient Evaluations

At Wesley Gardens, we care for the entire person-physical, mental, spiritual and social health. Each resident's stay begins with a personal visit from our doctor, dietician and support staff, who conduct a thorough evaluation to determine how we can best be of service. The evaluation covers a number of areas including personal interests, physical limitations, diet and regular daily routine. This information then enables us to provide superior individualized care.

We reevaluate residents every three months or upon a change in condition and make adjustments to care and routine as needed—doing everything possible to prevent decline and maximize potential.

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On-site Convenience

As part of our mission to provide convenience and peace of mind to our residents and their loved ones, we offer an unprecedented number of services and amenities—all under one roof.

Our gerontologist and nurse practitioner are on site during business hours and on call as needed. Residents may also maintain their relationships with physicians in the community, providing the physicians are credentialed by Wesley Gardens and agree to routine visits.

Occupational, Speech & Physical Therapy: Our therapists are all full-time Wesley Gardens employees with modality equipment certifications. With an average of 11 years of LTC clinical experience, they have the knowledge and expertise to meet the goals of our residents and their families.

In addition to a dentist on staff, we also have a full dental setup in our building and provide onsite examinations and routine care, all included in our daily rate.

Our podiatrist visits the facility every 2 weeks to meet the needs of our residents. This regularity allows for scheduling flexibility and convenience, as well as quick turnaround between visits.

Many laboratory and x-ray services are available here on our grounds.

We welcome residents from all faiths and religious backgrounds. We offer Catholic masses and non-denominational Christian services, and other clergy are welcome to visit residents. Other programs include rosary groups, Bible studies, vesper services and prayer groups. We also have a chaplain on staff who is available to help with questions and special services or arrangement.

One of our residents’ favorite activities is shopping at the Resident Store inside Wesley Gardens. This weekly tradition of making choices and providing for one’s own needs is invigorating and satisfying, and imparts a sense of independence. The store stocks such items personal hygiene supplies, socks, candy, small gifts, seasonal items, etc. No money is exchanged; everything is charged to a resident’s personal account, so there is no need for cash.

Barber and beauty shop services are available on-site.

Our finance department may provide courtesy services for residents such as paying bills, billing insurance companies, and assisting with insurance/Medicaid applications. In addition, these professionals are adept at answering questions and providing legal and financial explanations in layman’s terms. Their longevity has made them experts in their field and their relationships with the Department of Social Services often prove to be very helpful.

Residents are permitted to keep money in a Personal Service Account (similar to a bank account) that we provide as a courtesy. This gives residents easier access for cash withdrawals and payment of monthly bills.

Sometimes stimulating care is the best care, resulting in lifted spirits and energized bodies. This is why Wesley Gardens implements a variety of fun activities for our residents, such attending live music performances, petting visiting animals, discussing current events, baking cookies with friends, or cutting a rug at “Let’s Dance.” We also schedule numerous off-site day trips to beaches, museums and sporting events.

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Personalized Comfort

We want your loved one to feel as welcome with us as they do with you. To that end, we offer many of the comforts of home, and we give our residents as much choice and control as possible.

At almost 80%, the number of private rooms at Wesley Gardens is unusually high. So if your loved one wants a private room, the chances are very good that we’ll be able to accommodate the request. All our rooms are bright, comfortable and spacious, and each includes a private half-bath with door. We encourage residents to personalize their spaces by bringing in decorations, photographs and other items from home.

Unlike many other long-term care facilities, Wesley Gardens provides air conditioning throughout its facility. The entire building, including resident rooms, remains comfortable inside regardless of the temperature outside. Additionally, every room has its own thermostat for individual temperature control.

We provide three healthy meals every day, each one with a choice of two entrees, as well as nutritious snacks throughout the day. Our chefs aim to please, and they highly value feedback from residents. We also conduct an annual food satisfaction survey, which allows us to make regular menu improvements.

Wesley Gardens Room

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Ongoing Communication

Your loved one is in excellent hands with our staff, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. We strive to create a culture of open and ongoing communication, both internally and externally.

Frequent Family Updates

We strive to keep you completely informed about your loved one and our policies and procedures. We accomplish this in a variety of ways:


We conduct quarterly Family Council meetings, addressing different issues and including different representatives from Wesley Gardens each time.


We send a monthly letter to all families, providing updates on past events and what’s coming up at Wesley Gardens.

The Resident Council

The Resident Council is an organization of residents that meets monthly to discuss how Wesley can become a better place to live. Meetings are presided by an elected President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, and all residents are welcome to attend. A social worker coordinates the events and representatives from the dietary and recreation departments attend each gathering; suggestions resulting from Resident Council meetings are forwarded on to Wesley Gardens’ management.

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Competitive Cost

Front of Wesley Gardens

No one likes to place a price tag on a loved one’s care, but we know that cost is a reality. As a not-for-profit organization, we are able to keep our prices competitive without compromising high quality care.

Long-term and short-term care have an array of insurance payment options. Our staff can assist you in identifying all sources of supplemental payment. We can also provide you with a Medicaid liaison to help you navigate the complicated application process.

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