Helping You Regain Your Independence

Our short-term and long-term rehabilitation and physical therapy programs help you heal, get stronger, and return home healthy and pain-free.

Short term rehabilitation can be a highly effective tool to help you regain independence after an illness, hospital stay or surgery. Also called transitional care, short-term rehabilitation can help you heal, strengthen and ultimately, return home.

At Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, we understand how important it is for you to return to your Rochester-area residence as quickly and safely as possible. Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to providing superior care throughout your short term rehabilitation stay, as well as planning for a timely and successful discharge. These licensed rehabilitation therapists are of the highest caliber, and implement therapy techniques that are unique to Rochester, and are difficult to find outside Wesley Gardens Nursing Home. You’ll also meet and be supported by the rest of Wesley Gardens’ clinical staff who will work closely with your medical team.

Therapy Programs to Meet Your Needs

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Rochester NYGeneral physical therapy addresses walking and mobility, balance, stair training, safety awareness and lower body strengthening.

Occupational Therapy

This therapy focus on improving coordination, fine motor skills, safety, upper body strengthening, and self-care tasks including bathing, dressing and home management.

Speech Therapy

This specialized form of therapy assists patients with speech, language, memory, communication skills and swallowing.

Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

The goal of this therapy is to restore range of motion in your hip joint and build a strong support system for your new joint by strengthening your leg muscles.

Stroke Rehabilitation

After a stroke, we help patients relearn how to walk, talk, and resume the basic activities of daily living.

Personalized, One-On-One Therapy Services

Short Term Rehabilitation CareYour short term rehabilitation will be guided solely by employees of Wesley Gardens. Our Rochester organization does not hire contracted therapists or assistants in any capacity. Our committed therapists are permanent members of the Wesley family. This ensures: - Read More

  • High caliber therapists with proven track records.
  • Comfort and consistency - you’ll get to know the people who work with you each day.
  • A treatment plan that will maximize your potential. Because our therapists will understand and track your rehabilitation progress, they will be able to develop the right plan for you.
  • Therapy services tailored to your preferences. Our therapists will get to know your personality, likes and goals, so they’ll implement therapeutic activities you will find enjoyable, motivating and fulfilling.

Wesley Gardens Nursing Home is one of the few local skilled nursing facilities that provides one-on-one therapy for every session. We believe in individualized care instead of group therapy. That’s why your occupational, speech and physical therapy sessions will be one-on-one: just you and your rehabilitation therapist working together. Each of your sessions, you will have 100% of your therapist’s attention. That means your therapy will progress at your pace and your exercises will be tailored to your individual needs and concerns.

Focused on Your Recovery

Wesley Gardens does not have, nor are we affiliated with, an assisted living facility. So you can be sure we’ll make every effort to help you achieve a full recovery. Your short term rehabilitation goal will be our short term rehabilitation goal. Whether you’re looking to return home or to Rochester’s tennis courts, we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

Practicality and Confidence

When you return home, you won’t question whether you can cook a meal, climb stairs or keep your balance. Inside our Rochester Rehabilitation Center you’ll exercise these practical skills, and will be confident in your abilities upon discharge. Activities addressed include: home management, safety, self-care, functional mobility, work activities, communication, leisure and social activities.

Fun Therapy

Time flies in Wesley Gardens’ Rochester Rehabilitation Center where therapy and hobbies are one and the same. Some of our most popular “exercises” include painting, gardening on the terrace and playing Nintendo Wii—an interactive video game that will have you rolling a virtual bowling ball or swinging a virtual golf club. With all this fun and excitement, you may find yourself gravitating to the Rehabilitation Center even when you don’t have a scheduled therapy session!

Additional Therapy As Needed

We know you want to strengthen and head home as soon as possible, however, this may require extra occupational, speech or physical therapy sessions. Should you need them, Wesley Gardens Nursing Home uniquely provides rehabilitation sessions six days each week and multiple times per day. We are not only committed to your safe departure, but a timely one as well.

Discharge Planning

We know your goal is to leave Wesley Gardens safely and soon. Therefore, our interdisciplinary team will begin discharge planning the very first day of your stay. We will work closely with your family, a home care agency, or other community support systems to make sure you return home with the necessary assistance, should you need it. We may also provide a home evaluation to ensure a seamless transition.

Home Evaluation

For guests returning to a private residence, Wesley’s Rochester rehabilitation staff may provide a home evaluation before discharge. This evaluation can help identify potential issues such as the number of stairs to your door and the distance between various living areas. Equipped with this specific information, therapists may modify short term rehabilitation plans to ensure you can safely manage the challenges at home. The home evaluation also gives therapists the opportunity to make home modification suggestions. These may consist of: installing grab bars, obtaining safety equipment or removing tripping hazards like throw rugs or extension cords.

Come to Wesley Gardens for Short Term Rehabilitation

Whether you’re on the verge of a hospital discharge or your upcoming surgery is still a few months away. Wesley Gardens can pretty much ensure a rehabilitation room for you, and with advance planning, we can guarantee it. Wesley Gardens always accommodates a hospital discharge and will work closely with the hospital and your medical team for a seamless transition.