Compassionate Care in a Comforting Space

Our hospice care team includes on-site doctors, nurses, clergy and specialists that promote both physical and spiritual well-being.

Hospice care is a form of therapy that provides pain management and comfort. It is implemented during the final stages of a terminal disease, and it is often given in a nursing home. Hospice care does not seek to extend or shorten life; instead, it focuses on improving the patient’s last few months, days and moments. Hospice care also supports grieving family members and friends.

Compassionate Staff

Our kind and sensitive staff at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home provides a loving and compassionate environment for hospice treatment. With big hearts and servant-like attitudes, our staff does all they can to make hospice guests comfortable. This caring team of Rochester professionals includes on-site doctors, nurses, clergy and social workers who lead guests to physical, social and spiritual peace.

Double the Care

We are privileged to collaborate with Lifetime Care, a non-profit hospice service in the Rochester area. Founded in 1960, Lifetime Care provides passionate attention, innovative programs and the latest technology to alleviate pain and symptoms. Together, Lifetime Care and Wesley Gardens Nursing Home provide Rochester with holistic assistance and superior hospice care.

Caregiver, Family and Friend Involvement

Choosing hospice care within Wesley Gardens Nursing Home can provide relief for a faithful caregiver. Without the constant physical and emotional stresses of caregiving in the home, the primary caregiver may be able to grieve and find respite. With our complete, 24-hour Rochester nursing home services, caregivers are welcome to simply spend time with loved ones and exchange meaningful expressions of love.

You do, however, have the opportunity and encouragement to play an integral role in your loved one’s hospice treatment. Friends and family are invited to help provide care and instruct the staff in your loved one’s preferences. Wesley Gardens is very accommodating to friends and family and can adjust the visiting hours in our Rochester nursing home as necessary.

Respect for Your Wishes

The end of one’s life can be a very intimate and personal time. Issues can be challenging and choices diverse. Wesley Gardens Nursing Home is committed to respecting the dignity, decisions, faiths and beliefs of all hospice care guests and their families.

Yes, We Accept Medicaid

Wesley Gardens is a state licensed nursing home in Rochester that is certified by Medicare and accepts Medicaid. We also offer a free Rochester Medicaid liaison, should you need assistance with paperwork or Medicaid’s hospice care process. Private Hospice Care Accommodations At Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, your loved one will have a bright and spacious private room that can be decorated with comforting items from home. Hospice Care Room Amenities:

  • Private bathroom
  • Select cable stations
  • Free local telephone service
  • Central air conditioning
  • In-room thermostat control (heat and AC)
  • Ample space for many visitors