A Place to Call Home

Friendly staff and bright, spacious rooms makes Wesley Gardens a special “home away from home” for our residents.

If you’re like most caregivers, you could experience feelings of guilt when considering placing your loved one in a nursing home. This is completely natural, however, we’d like to remind you that most people are not equipped to take care of loved ones at home for long periods of time. Whether it’s because of work schedules, a lack of help, or simply physical or emotional limitations, you should not feel guilty. No one can do it all.

The truth is, by placing your loved one in Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, you are surrounding him or her with expert, 24-hour care, understanding peers, stimulating activities, physical therapy and some of the best geriatric professionals in the Rochester area. This isn’t to say that the transition will be completely easy, but when you have decided that this is truly the best thing for the two of you and you focus on the advantages, the transition will be easier.

Here at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, our expert staff and friendly residents will provide your loved one with a warm and inviting welcome. We’re more than a nursing home; we’re like family--looking out for one another, providing encouragement and celebrating each other’s joys. We would be honored if your loved one would join our friendly community at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home.

A Peaceful Place

Because Wesley Gardens Nursing Home is a medium-sized facility (200 beds), we can supply both the best medical tools and interpersonal attention. Our slightly large size allows us to provide remarkable state-of-the-art care, but because we are not a huge facility, we really become acquainted with our residents. The doctors, nurses and other professionals at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home will get to know your loved one well. With this in-depth understanding, our professionals will be equipped to pick up on cues and changes your loved one exhibits. This will help us provide your loved one with unsurpassed, individualized care. - Read More

All You Need Under One Roof

Here at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, we provide convenience and peace of mind by offering an incredible amount of services all under one roof. These include:

  • Doctor visits
  • Rehabilitation (occupational, speech and physical therapy)
  • Dentistry
  • Podiatry
  • X-rays
  • Religious events and services
  • A resident store (with personal hygiene items, small gifts, cards, etc.)
  • A beauty shop
  • A finance department
  • A personal service account (similar to a bank)
  • Recreation

Spacious, Private Accommodations

Here at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, almost 70% of our rooms are private. So if your loved one desires individual accommodations, there is a very good chance we will be able to oblige. Our rooms are bright, comfortable and spacious. Many residents are pleasantly surprised with the size of their accommodations and appreciate the half bath that is included. We encourage you or your loved one to bring in comforting belongings and personalize the room with paintings, photographs and decorations.

Comfortable, Air Conditioned Rooms

Unlike many other nursing homes, Wesley Gardens provides air conditioning throughout its facility. The entire building, including residents’ rooms, will remain at a comfortable temperature despite the sometimes sweltering heat outside. Not only will facility-wide air conditioning provide comfort for your loved one, but it can also provide a healthier environment. Because air conditioning decreases humidity, it can help prevent your loved one from developing pneumonia during a very damp summer.

Should your loved one prefer the temperature a little warmer or cooler, that is no problem. Your loved one will have charge over the temperature in their room with an in-room thermostat control.

Compassionate Care

Assisted Living Long-Term CareYour loved one will have tremendous care and attention at Wesley Gardens. Our kindhearted professionals will treat your loved one with the same attention, tenderness and compassion you provide at home. With on-site doctors, a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, and more, your loved one will be surrounded by compassionate experts ready to lend a hand. - Read More

Frequent Communication with Family

Wesley Gardens Nursing Home strives to keep you continuously updated on your loved one and the policies and procedures at our facility. We do this a number of ways. First, we offer quarterly Family Council meetings. These meetings address different issues each month and include a speaker who works at Wesley Gardens. One month, a pharmacist may discuss a new medication or answer questions. Another month, a doctor may discuss a certain illness or a new treatment Wesley has implemented. The Family Council is a great way for you to learn about Wesley Gardens and how we diligently care for your loved one.

Second, you’ll receive a monthly letter from us providing updates on what is happening at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home. Third, our caring professionals would love to talk to you when you visit our skilled nursing facility. As long as you are your loved one’s health proxy, we will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with regular updates. Our caring staff is not only here for your loved one, but we are available for you as well.

Individualized Patient Evaluations

At Wesley Gardens we care for the entire person. Not only will we tend to your loved one’s physical health, but his or her mental, spiritual and social health as well. Our experts include: on-site physicians, a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, a registered dietician, a psychologist, a dentist, clergy and social workers.

When your loved one moves into Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, some of the very first visitors will be Wesley’s caring professionals. A doctor, dietician and other kind staff will survey you and your loved one to learn how Wesley Gardens can best be of service. These evaluations cover a number of areas including: interests, physical limitations, diet and regular routine. Our warmhearted staff then uses this information to provide individualized care. If your loved one prefers retiring to bed after the 11 o’clock news or enjoys a fresh banana every morning with breakfast, we are more than happy to accommodate.

About every three months your loved one will be re-evaluated, and Wesley Gardens Nursing Home will make adjustments to your loved one’s care as necessary. We do everything possible to prevent decline and maximize potential. If your loved one show symptoms of tendonitis, we will provide physical therapy in our in-house Rehabilitation Center; or if your loved one needs extra care for daily activities, we will be happy to provide it.

Comprehensive Total Care

Wesley Gardens Nursing Home uniquely welcomes residents who require total care. We provide: bathing, feeding, incontinence care and any other activities of daily living (ADLs) your loved one may need. So no matter what level of assistance is necessary, Wesley Gardens Nursing Home will compassionately care for the person you hold dear.

Delicious, Nutritious Meals

At Wesley Gardens Nursing Home, your loved one will enjoy three delicious meals each day; and for each meal, your loved one will be able to choose between two different entrees. Residents and families alike find them very delectable. We will also provide your loved one with nutritious snacks throughout the day. The chefs at Wesley Gardens Nursing Home are passionate about creating meals that are pleasing, and they highly value feedback from residents. Therefore, a diet representative attends each Resident Council Meeting, and Wesley Gardens also conducts an annual food satisfaction survey. This anonymous survey helps our chefs improve the menu.

Exciting Interactive Activities

Sometimes stimulating care is the best care. It can lift our spirits, energize us and keep us young at heart. So Wesley Gardens Nursing Home implements fun activities your loved one will enjoy. Your loved one can play skee ball, discuss current events and bake cookies with others. Your loved one can listen to live music, pet visiting animals and cut the rug at “Let’s Dance”. Wesley Gardens Nursing Home even has Nintendo Wii--an interactive video game that allows your loved one to play virtual golf, tennis, bowling and more.

We also have numerous outings each month where residents leave Wesley Gardens’ premises for day trips. Some of our popular outings have been to Crescent Beach, Red Wings games and local museums.

We also like to spice things up in-house every once in a while. For example, once a month we will cook breakfast right on your loved one’s floor. Your loved one can request a meal and our staff (including our CEO!) will cook the breakfast to order, right in front of your loved one! It is a great time had by all with fun camaraderie and lots of laughs!

Religious Activities

Wesley Gardens Nursing Home regularly offers religious activities. These include: Bible studies, non-denominational worship services, Catholic Mass and Rosary services. We also have a chaplain on site who is available to talk to your loved one on a one-on-one basis as requested.

The Resident Council

The Resident Council is an organization of Wesley Gardens residents that meets monthly to discuss how Wesley can become a better place to live. All residents are welcome at these meetings where an elected President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary preside. A social worker coordinates these events and representatives from the dietary and recreation departments attend each gathering. Suggestions resulting from Resident Council meetings are forwarded on to Wesley Gardens’ management. The Resident Council is a great way for your loved one to voice concerns or future wishes.

The Resident Store

One of our residents’ favorite activities is shopping at the Resident Store inside Wesley Gardens Nursing Home. This weekly tradition of making choices and providing for one’s own needs can be tremendously invigorating and satisfying. It can give your loved one a sense of independence. Everything inside the Resident Store is $1 or less and includes:

  • Personal hygiene items
  • Socks
  • Candy
  • Tissues
  • Small gifts
  • Seasonal items/gifts

The Resident Store is run by volunteers, and if any profit is made, it is donated to the Resident Council.

Affordable Financial Options

Although no one likes to place a price tag on their loved one’s care, cost is a reality. Because Wesley Gardens Nursing Home is a not-for-profit organization, we are able to keep our prices low without compromising high quality care. - Read More

Wesley Gardens Nursing Home has a Finance Department on site. The professionals in this department are wonderful about answering questions and providing legal and financial explanations in layman’s terms. Their longevity has made them experts in their field and their good relationship with the Department of Social Services can prove to be very helpful. The Finance Department inside Wesley Gardens Nursing Home provides convenience and peace of mind when legalities and finances can be frustrating.

Unlike many other long term care providers, Wesley Gardens Nursing Home accepts Medicaid. In addition, we can also provide you with a Rochester-based Medicaid liaison to walk you through the application process or attend Medicaid meetings with you as necessary.

Wesley Gardens is one of the most economical nursing homes in the Rochester area. For more specific information, call Holly in our Admissions Office at 241-2111.